Domaine Napa

Project Highlights

Main Lobby Entrance

Arthur Engineering provided electrical planning, service design, power distribution, lighting design, building environment controls, and bottling line PLC control system design for this facility.  We worked with the Architect, Owners and interior designer to create one of the most unique facilities in Napa Valley.  This facility is extremely energy efficient, far exceeding California Title 24 requirements.  The bottling and barrel rooms feature lighting built into the skylights that can be staged on based on ambient light levels. 

We designed the lighting and lighting controls for the Administration Offices to be user friendly, attractive and energy efficient.  Special dimming systems were provided in this lobby, the wine library, and in the main conference rooms to create "moods" for special events.  Occupancy sensors were used to automatically control lighting in every room.  A central battery system was used for the emergency lighting to eliminate unsightly unit equipment, and centralize maintenance.

Main Lobby

Main Service Panel

The main service for this plant is typical of those we design for many of our clients.  It is compact, clean and features metering for the main and feeders so that loads can be monitored.  Adequate capacity exists at the service and on some of the feeders to handle future loads anticipated for this facility.  This service was designed with the Code required ground fault protection on the main breaker, as well as coordinated protection for the feeders.

The upper and lower conference rooms feature special dimming controls to accommodate various functions anticipated for these spaces.  These systems are easy to use and adjust.  The lighting controls in the lower conference room can be interlocked with the projection system.  Occupancy sensors are used to shut off the lighting in these spaces when not in use.

Upper Conference Room

Lower Conference Room

Entertainment Courtyard

Working closely with the Owner, Arthur Engineering designed the main power distribution, lighting and lighting control systems for this unique entertainment courtyard at Domaine Napa.  The area consists of two service pavilions with a large open courtyard between.  Electrical power outlets are hidden in the tree planters within the courtyard to accommodate accent lighting during special events.  Each pavilion contains appliances and power distribution for large catered affairs as well as dimmable lighting control.

This panel controls the cooling and ventilation systems for the bottling area and barrel room for this facility.  It provides night air cooling and CO2 ventilation for the barrel room, as well as ventilation for the bottling room during steam cleaning.  The system is controlled by a PLC and can be operated from the front of the panel or remotely from the plant manager's computer.

Building Environment
Control Panel

Bottling Line Control Panel

Bottling Line Controls
and Operator Control Station

In addition to power distribution and controls for the building, Arthur Engineering designed the power distribution and control for the bottling line.  The PLC control system features remote I/O stations with graphical operator interfaces on the front.  The remote I/O stations reduce the wiring required to pick up signals from various sensors along the line.  The bottling chain motors are driven by VFD's located near the motors and controlled via the remote I/O system.  Operators enter the type of bottle and packaging for a given run and the chain speeds automatically adjust to the proper speed.  The system includes downtime entry at any one of the four operator control stations which enables shift data and failures to be tracked at the plant managers computer.  This system improves efficiency and maintenance scheduling for the line.  Power distribution and control wiring to the machines and conveyor sensors is run in overhead wire-ways for a cleaner look and ease of future changes or additions.