Markham Vineyards

Design Highlights

Front Entrance

Arthur Engineering provided electrical engineering services for both phases of construction at Markham Vineyards in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  omega replica sale The first phase included main service design, power distribution, lighting, ventilation controls, crush area controls and wastewater area controls design for the production winery.  The second phase in 1990 included power distribution and lighting for the beautiful visitors center and administrative offices.  replica watches sale The entrance to the winery is as impressive today as it was the day it was built.

Arthur Engineering specializes in custom motor control and control system design.  rolex replica uk The crush area at Markham includes simple, safe, flexible, and easily maintained motor controls designed for ease of future expansion.  The MCC for this area is hidden in a nearby electrical room but is set up for future expansion.  cartier replica uk Having adequate power for additions and upgrades is important to Markham's maintenance staff.

Crush & Press  Area

Tank Room Tour Walk

The primary feature at Markham is the "Tour Walk" which runs through the production facility and up to the stunning visitor's center and tasting room.  panerai replica sale This is a section of the tour walk passing through the fermentation tank room.  Visitors can view the various stages of wine production from the crush/press area, through the fermentation area and into barrel storage.  Due to the fact that most of the facility is visible to the public, care was taking to hide the electrical utilities and use high quality visually pleasing lighting fixtures.

The historic Stone Barrel Building is the centerpiece of this facility and is the original building that stood on this property for over a hundred years.  panerai replica sale Arthur Engineering designed the lighting and ventilation system controls for this room and the tour walk that cuts across it at the upper level.  In addition, we designed the subterranean accent lighting at the front of the building that highlights the original building stone face.

Stone Barrel Cellar

Tasting Bar

Working closely with the Architect, Arthur Engineering designed the main power distribution, decorative lighting systems for the visitor's center and tasting room at Markham.  This design included a central dimming panel and controls for the fountain pumps and lights at the entrance of the facility.  Lighting inside the facility and out can be adjusted for different moods and events.  The visitor's center is one on the most beautiful in all of Napa Valley.

Tasting Room Staircase


Tasting Room Upper Level

Fire Pump House and Wastewater Ponds

The original plant design included power distribution for an electric fire pump installation as required to meet NFPA 20 standards.  In addition, we designed a PLC control system for the process wastewater pre-treatment, pond aeration and irrigation system for Markham and the neighboring Freemark Abbey.