Robert Mondavi Winery - Oakville To Kalon

Design Highlights

Building Cooling Control Panel

The Red Fermentation Tank Room and Barrel Storage Areas are temperature controlled by the PLC control panel shown to the right in this photo.  This system can be controlled and monitored by the graphical interface on the front of this panel and another in the Red Fermentation Tank Room.  The system is set up for future remote control and monitoring from a computer in the maintenance department or anywhere in the plant.

Arthur Engineering designed the exterior pathway and parking lot lighting, as well as the lighting along the beautiful exterior tour walk.  Controls were improved to allow different setups for the summer concerts at this facility.

Site Lighting

Barrel Room

Arthur Engineering designed the electrical distribution system for the magnificent barrel storage rooms.  Pump outlets are hidden from view in utility niches within the columns and walls.  Cooling and humidity system sensors are hidden within the return air duct work.

In the Fermentation Tank Area, the layout of electrical utilities needs to remain exposed, but can be made to look attractive.  This is a typical portable pump panel in the Fermentation Tank Room.  Devices were selected to hold up well in this environment for many years to come.

Portable Pump Outlets

Bottling Line

Arthur Engineering designed the main power distribution and lighting systems for the renovation of the bottling line.  Many of the machines on this line required special regulated power which was provided for in the design of the distribution system.

There are several new tasting rooms in this facility that are used for a number of various functions.  Arthur Engineering designed the power distribution system for these areas to be discrete and yet offer the capacity and flexibility needed for multiple uses.

Tasting Room