Woodbridge Winery - Robert Mondavi

Design Highlights

60kV Substation

Arthur Engineering has provided electrical engineering services for this facility since the late 1970's even before it was purchased by Robert Mondavi Winery.  Since then we have designed most of the electrical systems from this 60kV substation, through 12kV and 480V distribution, and down to control systems for crushing, pressing and bottling operations.

From the 60kV substation, power is distributed around the site by a series of underground 12kV circuits feeding various transformers at major load centers.  This is one of the 1500kVA transformers and related 480V main distribution panel serving loads in a large press area.  The 12kV loop system is designed to deliver the entire capacity of the substation transformers to the plant in a nested loop type configuration.  This scheme allows the plant to feed around just about any fault that might occur in the system.

12kV to 480V Substation

Barrel Room

Arthur Engineering designed the electrical power distribution and lighting systems for the partially subterranean barrel storage building.  We also designed the PLC controlled cooling system including graphical operator interface to control and monitor the system.  The construction of this facility was unique and included special electrical systems such as all PVC conduits and non-metallic enclosures within the humid barrel areas.


In the Tank Areas, we designed special power outlet centers to provide power for portable pumps.  The design is set up to allow the operator to open the disconnect for each outlet before removing the plug from the outlet for maximum safety.  Devices were selected to hold up well in this environment for many years to come.

Portable Pump Outlets


Bottling Line 2

Arthur Engineering designed the main power distribution, lighting and PLC control systems for the addition of the Bottling Lines 2 and 3.  Working closely with the Owner and bottling line designer, we designed the controls for ease of use, flexibilty and easy upgrade.  We provided all PLC programming services as well as integration of the machine controls with those of the conveying system.


We have designed all the site lighting, process lighting and tank lighting systems at this facility, including energy saving controls.  In order to minimize the lighting viewed by neighboring properties, we designed a system whereby all tank top lighting can be shut off over weekends, holidays or other times of non-use.  Lighting control is designed so that certain areas can be shut down during the off-season.

Tank & Refrigeration
Area Lighting


Administration Building

Working for the Architect Wenell, Mathies & Bowe, Arthur Engineering designed the power distribution and lighting controls for this beautiful administration building and lab.  We designed the system for maximum energy efficiency and also specified "clean power" transformers and surge arresters to protect the sensitive equipment in this area.  This building is the centerpiece of this very impressive plant.


In close coordination with the plant Project Manager Jim Crandell and system operators, we have designed many process control systems for this facility.  This PLC control panel controls the entire crushing and tank press area on the west side of the plant.  This system features graphical operator interface for controlling and monitoring the conveying and pumping systems.  System alarms are displayed on the screen along with instructions on how to solve the problem.

SP Tank Press Area Controls


SP Tank Press Area MCC
& Main PLC Panel


SP Tank Press Area
Control Platform