Backup Generation Project Highlights

In 2006 we designed a 21kV service upgrade for the Hurricane Electric 200,000 square foot colocation data center and began the master planning for the ultimate build out and expansion of the facility.  This design included new 21kV service switchgear and distribution to 3MVA transformers and modular 480V substations with integral transfer gear.  Each substation is backed by two (2) 1.5 to 2.0 MW diesel backup generators.  The distribution system and backup generators are setup in a modular configuration that allows the system to grow as need to accommodate more colocation customers and equipment racks.  This has been an ongoing project as the facility grows and the plant currently features 8 generators, with space for at least 4 to 6 more.

Hurricane Electric Backup Generators - Fremont, CA


In 2004 we completed a new 400kW engine-generator set to backup the electric fire pump for the new Alameda County Agriculture Center.  We designed the backup system to comply with NFPA 20, NFPA 110, N.E.C. and UL standards.  An additional hurdle to meeting the overlapping requirements of the standards for this project is that the generator must be located about 1000 feet from the fire pump.  This requires a lower than usual voltage drop for the generator and an oversizing of the conductors from the generator supply.  The project was also on a fast pace schedule, the design for Plan Check was completed in less than a month.


We worked with the West County Wastewater District (WCWD) to specify a new 350kW engine-generator set to support the Tara Hills Pump Station pumping plant loads.  We designed the transfer switch interface with the existing service/MCC as well as control for a portable yet semi-permanent load bank.  The load bank can be used at this site for automatic exercising, but can also be relocated to other sites. This project also included upgrading the station's part-winding starters to electronic soft start.


We worked with the Developer and Civil Engineer on the renovation of this sewage lift station in Pinole.  The design included a new standby 80kW generator and transfer switch, as well as updating the existing controls.

Pinole Center Pump Station WCWD
Pinole, CA


The City of Tracy requested our services  to design the Naglee Burke Sewage Station in Tracy, CA.  This new lift station required careful coordination with the Civil Engineer, City of Tracy, PG&E, and various equipment suppliers.  Our services included new service design, backup generation, VFD motor control, power distribution, controls and telemetry systems design.  We also provided construction observation and start-up assistance.

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