Control Systems Project Highlights

Bottling Line 2 PLC Controls
Woodbridge Winery
Acampo, CA

Working closely with the plant operators and maintenance personnel, Arthur Engineering designed the complete power distribution, lighting and PLC control system for this bottling line.  cartier replica This included custom MCC and PLC panel design as well as operator interface and programming.  Integration with machines on the line was included.  The initial control system startup took less than one day.

Arthur Engineering worked closely again with plant personnel to design the complete power distribution, lighting and PLC control system for this area of the winery.  hublot replica uk The design incorporated an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 processor, remote I/O and Panelview operator interface for this large press and crush area.  The system was designed for future presses, crushers and crush tanks.  rolex replica The control system is easy to use and maintain, while being expandable for future needs.

SP Press Area Controls
Woodbridge Winery
Acampo, CA

Continuous Press Area
Graphical Operator Interface
Bronco Wine Company
Ceres, CA

Arthur Engineering, working with the owner and Calmetrics, developed the main MCC and control system design for the renovation of the continuous press area.  The area is completely controlled by an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 processor and four Panelview color operator interfaces.  rolex replica sale Energy usage for the area was reduced by 50% due to the improved controls.  Operator training has been greatly simplified.

In addition to complete power distribution and lighting systems for this unique bottling and barrel storage facility, Arthur Engineering designed the PLC control systems for the bottling and building environmental controls.  rolex replica sale The 350 BPM bottling line incorporates custom motor control and a master Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 controller.  The conveying systems and machines, integrated over various networks for the line, can be easily customized for different bottle types and sizes by simple entry at any of the four graphical operator interfaces along the line.  Downtime tracking is made possible by operator entry of the problem at one of the Panelview interfaces and is tracked/recorded by an Intellution HMI system in the plant managers office. Programming was coordinated with Calmetrics.

Bottling Line MCC &
PLC Control Panels
Domaine Napa
Napa, CA

Bottling Line VFD Controls
Domaine Napa
Napa, CA

The building environmental controls can be set and operated from the Intellution system in the plant manager's office or locally at the front of the control panel.  This panel controls evaporative condenser units in Bottling and night air cooling/CO2 ventilation for the Barrel Room.

Building Environment
PLC Control Panel
Domaine Napa
Napa, CA


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