Site Lighting Project Highlights


Courtyard Lighting
Hess Collection Winery
Napa, CA

Arthur Engineering designed the power distribution and lighting systems for this stunning winery and modern art museum.  Site lighting in the courtyard is inconspicuous, yet provides ample light for evening events.  It also beautifully washes the historic buildings, as can be seen at the Hess Collection Winery website.

At Woodbridge Winery we designed exterior lighting in parking lots, roadways, on buildings and in tank farms for maximum efficiency.  Controls are flexible to allow changing of on-off times and manual modes (shown in photo) for testing and relamping during daylight hours.  To reduce night-time and weekend lighting, we designed a system which allows all tank-top lighting in the plant to be shut down from a single location.

Site & Tank Lighting
Woodbridge Winery
Acampo, CA

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 Lighting Slide Show