Substation and Medium Voltage

Distribution Project Highlights

60kV Substation & 12kV Loop
Woodbridge Winery
Acampo, CA

Arthur Engineering worked with PG&E Energy Services to design this substation as part of an energy service package for Woodbridge Winery.  We designed this substation and extensive underground 12kV loop-type distribution system to serve this quickly expanding facility well into the future.  The last portion of this loop system was completed in 2001 giving the winery a fully redundant system that can feed around just about any type of fault in the plant.

Canandaigua Wine Company's Madera, CA facility had an existing 12kV distribution system with multiple 12kV PG&E services and no internal facility redundancy.  Arthur Engineering began designing the multi-loop 12kV systems into various large load projects in expectation of one day having a completely redundant 12kV system.  PG&E Energy Services provided the opportunity for Canandaigua to further reduce the facility energy costs by working with Arthur Engineering to design a new 69KV substation.  The 10MVA 69kV Substation, with dual transformer redundancy, includes a new 12kV switchgear lineup that now feeds the evolving 12kV multi-loop system. The multi-loop system offers an advantage for the ever growing and changing business of wine making, and the energy purchased at 69kV provides a cost savings welcome in a competitive market.

69kV Substation
Canandaigua Wine Company
Madera, CA

12kV Distribution System
Beringer Blass Wine Estates
Asti, CA

The pre-existing Asti Facility's 12kV distribution system consisted of 12kV overhead lines, deteriorating poles, and aging transformers.  Arthur Engineering provided a plan to upgrade the aging system in several phases to minimize production down time and yearly maintenance costs.  The new system replaced the overhead lines and poles with an underground 12kV loop and switchgear designed for future growth, safety, and ease of use. The improvements present a clean look, meet current industry standards, and provide flexibility for the future.

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